August 2, 2008

Update on the Kiddos

Well Bonesteele continues to grow at an exponential rate. I'm not kidding when I say that some mornings I look at him and see he has grown overnight! This morning I had trouble snapping on a size 6-month outfit!

Bonesteele loves Tummy Time. He holds his head up like a champ, looking around with avid interest. He is good for about five to ten minutes, then he starts to shriek in protest. Miss E used to scream and cry after ten seconds of Tummy Time. When I put Bonesteele down on his tummy, Miss E happily announces, "Tummy Time!" and we all lay down on our tummies to keep Bonesteele company.

Little Bonesteele is a thumb sucker. He is quite content while sucking his thumb. Leaves his face a slobbery mess, but he likes it that way!

While sitting in his bouncy seat, or chilling next to Mr N, Bonesteele drools profusely and blows lots of bubbles. He can soak a bib in about two minutes.

Note what is in Miss E's bellybutton.

Miss E has shifted in her preferences yet again. Bob the Builder just can't hold her attention for long. Now she is all about Sesame Street and It's a Big, Big World. I watch both with her (while simultaneously reading my book) - I like to watch out for the cameos on Sesame Street. Seeing Ben Stiller dressed as a giant cheese is funny stuff. Miss E loves Elmo the best, and thinks he is sooooo funny. She also finds the Count quite amusing. I usually try to turn off Big Big World while Miss E is distracted coloring (wasn't an hour of Sesame Street enough??) but Miss E always notices and starts to dramatically cry, "Big World! Big World!"

She is starting to erratically learn numbers and letters. 6 and 1 seem to be easy for her to remember and recognize. She is best at shapes. And constantly points out hearts and suns in books, on cereal boxes, on tv. I had no idea suns and hearts were so common until Miss E started to point them out everywhere.


Mrs. A said...

I noticed Miss E's duct tape, that's too funny...hehe

The Strasssers said...

That is a cute picture of Miss E with the cherrio in her belly button. How funny. Well your kids are getting big and very cute!