August 22, 2008

Update on Bonesteele

The first two nights after Bonesteele was discharged from the hospital were awful. It was like he was a newborn again, but worse, because Bonesteele was a really chill newborn! Two or three times each night, he would just scream inconsolably for twenty to forty minutes. Didn't matter what we did - rocking, swaying, shushing, swaddling. Nothing helped. The only thing that helped at all was Mr N holding Bonesteele very tight until he eventually calmed down. He slept very, very little. And so did we. He also napped very little during the day.

Tuesday night I got about three hours of (interrupted) sleep. Wednesday I took Bonesteele to see his pediatrician for a followup. I mentioned the awful lack of sleeping. The pediatrician cheerfully told me, "That will continue for 7-10 days. It's from a combination of the stress of the hospital visit, and the steroids, which cause hyperactivity." It was really NOT what I wanted to hear. I called Mr N from the parking lot, freaking out. I knew if I continued to only get three hours of sleep a night, I was going to lose it! Mr N talked me back from the ledge and reassured me that we could get through this. He said to forget cleaning, forget cooking, to basically just focus on survival! He said he'd help me as much as possible at night.

Wednesday evening our home teacher came over (a guy from our church) and he and Mr N gave Bonesteele a blessing that he would recover quickly from all this.

And he is recovering, thank goodness! Each day (and night) is a little better than the one before. Last night Mr N had to work all night, so I was nervous how it would go here at home. Bonesteele continued to wake every 2-3 hours (my milk level is still recovering from the hospital stay - he hardly nursed at all while sick, so it went waaaay down), but then he would quickly go back to sleep, and I was able to fall asleep again too. We're still not getting a lot of sleep around here, but much more than three hours a night. So we'll take what we can get. We've only managed to get Bonesteele to take two naps today, but that's an improvement too. His cough is rare and much better.

Thanks for all the prayers, and please keep them coming!


Jasmine said...

HOLY SMOKES! That is a lot to go through! Glad to hear that he is doing ok, and you also managed to make it through all of this. Give him some hugs and kisses from his cuz!

Lisa said...

it's lisa hallstrom! wow, it's been years since i've seen you! i heard that you got married. aren't blogs great?! you have such a cute little family. glad your baby boy is doing better. jessica told me about your blog and now i have your blog linked to mine. i've been married for a little over 5 years and have 2 boys. check out my blog:

oh, and there are others from our home ward that have blogs too! click on their links from my blog's link list and check them out: jenny & seth, amy & aaron, becky & cameron ENJOY!