December 31, 2009

Miss E Playing with Uncle Travis

Bonesteele Is Not That Into Presents

New Words!

Bonesteele celebrated Christmas by adding lots of new words to his vocabulary. Before our Christmas trip he could say: mama, dada, car, duck, ow, and uh-oh. Now he's added:
  • sock
  • night-night
  • no
  • hi
and my favorite
  • I love you
Can I just tell you how gushy it makes me that his first sentence was "I love you"?!

Christmas Pics

Sorry there are only a few. Mr N mostly took video, which I will try to upload soon.

Here's our adorable little niece, who will be 1 next month!

The little ones were naturally most interested in each other's toys. Here is Bonesteele playing with his cousin's Mega Blocks set. Even though he got his own Mega Blocks set.

Fun in the Snow

We went to eastern Oregon to spend Christmas with Mr N's family. On Christmas Eve, Mr N and Miss E went up into the mountains to go sledding with some of the family. They had a great time!

Miss E is the little one in the pink snow gear on the right. :D

Bonesteele Eats With Gusto

Oh, and I cut off his mullet.

Miss E Knows How to Dress for Success

Bonesteele and Daddy

Or, Bonesteele Loves His Binky.

December 30, 2009

Miss E in Her Christmas Dress

To Mr N's dismay, Miss E was not interested in posing seriously.

A Day at the Ocean

A few weeks ago we headed over to the coast for a day of sand castles and delicious food. Amazingly, there was no wind and it wasn't too chilly. We had a great time. We decided winter is the best time to visit the coast because the beach was practically deserted.

Miss E pretends she is having an awful time. Look at that impressive frown!

December 21, 2009

Christmas Conversation

Mr N: Who's excited for Christmas? Mom?

Mrs N: I am.

Mr N: I'm excited for Miss E for Christmas.

Miss E: Daddy! I'm not a present!

December 3, 2009

Recent Pics

Miss E models her Halloween daywear. Please note she even sports Halloween socks.

Bonesteele feels very proud of himself for climbing into the rocking chair unassisted and Miss E tries on "coy."

Mr N chopping a tree for firewood in eastern Oregon. Looking good!

This boy is impossibly cute.

Contrary to appearances, Miss E is not standing on Bonesteele's head. The futon is deep. Ha ha

Speaking of Which...

Bonesteele has himself four words:
  • Uh-oh
  • Ow
  • Mama
  • Dada
Clever boy that he is, he learned mama & dada on the same day, so everyone felt equally adored.

* * *

Miss E has some unique pronunciations I think you might find amusing:
  • I'm so decided!
  • mabana
  • neslick
Can you tell what she is saying?

I'm so excited, banana, and necklace.