April 28, 2011

Tulips for a Clean Room

Mr N made a deal with Miss E that if she cleaned her room she could have tulips. It took a very long time (she must have inherited her procrastinating skills from both of us!) but eventually she got those tulips!

Playing Daddy

I especially like the pointing finger. She really knows how to act like Daddy! Ha ha

23 Weeks Pregnant


Shopping cart as motocycle, basket as helmet. Love it!

Easter Finery

M is not much of one for posing nicely for pictures.

Easter Candy!

The actual Easter egg hunt is on the video camera...so that's not going up tonight. Ha ha

M's Third Birthday

Recognize the cake? M wanted the same cake he had last year - a basketball. This year though he asked for chocolate cake with sprinkles on top.

For M's birthday, we went, per his request, to Chuck E Cheese, where both kids had a blast. (It wasn't as bad as Mr N or I expected, probably because we went on a weekday at 4:30.)

Then we came home for cake and presents. M got a booster set of big lego blocks and a hammer set. He loved them both. We are so happy to have M in our family! He is a sweet boy who loves to give hugs & kisses.

M's Obesession

M is obsessed with boats. Due to his father, he knows a fair amount about them. He often builds me boats out of big lego blocks, complete with kicker motors and trailers. It's awesome. Here is a picture of how he rigged together the bike & trike to be his truck and boat on a trailer. I love his happy, proud face!

When Children Feed Themselves

They make butter & Goldfish cracker sandwiches. Yum!

Sorry for the Dearth of Posts

You may have noticed a peculiar lack of posting going on over here. There is, in fact, a simple explanation for this. A few months ago, I got my own laptop and the old laptop became Mr N's. Though admittedly it is also a little bit Miss E's, because I let her play games on the Nick Jr website during M's naptime/quiet time. I have not uploaded the needed software for downloading from our camera to my laptop. Honestly I have no idea where said software is. Nor have I even bothered to look for it online. So there you have it. However, as you know April is a busy month for the N clan, so there are some important pictures to share with all y'all! So I actually got on my husband's laptop (risking his eternal wrath - I'm so brave) and am uploading all the new pictures as I type!

Briefest of brief updates:

  • M turned 3. I will no longer be typing out Bonesteele because 1) it takes a lot longer than typing M, and 2) Spellcheck doesn't recognize the word Bonesteele and seeing those angry red lines under my son's pseudonym is rather irritating. Ha ha
  • Mr N celebrated a birthday with root beer floats and spaghetti & meatballs (his request).
  • Mr N & I celebrated 9 beautiful years of marriage. heehee
  • Today is my birthday; I have reached the dubious milestone of 30. I'm fine with it - 30 sounds nicer than 29.
  • As of tomorrow, I am 24 weeks pregnant with baby #3, which is a GIRL!

April 4, 2011


In two days we find out if this baby is a boy or a girl! Any guesses? E wants a girl, M wants a boy. Big surprise, eh? Stay tuned!