April 28, 2011

M's Third Birthday

Recognize the cake? M wanted the same cake he had last year - a basketball. This year though he asked for chocolate cake with sprinkles on top.

For M's birthday, we went, per his request, to Chuck E Cheese, where both kids had a blast. (It wasn't as bad as Mr N or I expected, probably because we went on a weekday at 4:30.)

Then we came home for cake and presents. M got a booster set of big lego blocks and a hammer set. He loved them both. We are so happy to have M in our family! He is a sweet boy who loves to give hugs & kisses.


ashley said...

NO WAY is he THREE! Happy birthday buddy!

Cassie said...

Happy birthday M! He is such a cutie!

Carli Scott said...

OMG! When did M get SO BIG? He looks like a little man! So cute.