April 28, 2011

Sorry for the Dearth of Posts

You may have noticed a peculiar lack of posting going on over here. There is, in fact, a simple explanation for this. A few months ago, I got my own laptop and the old laptop became Mr N's. Though admittedly it is also a little bit Miss E's, because I let her play games on the Nick Jr website during M's naptime/quiet time. I have not uploaded the needed software for downloading from our camera to my laptop. Honestly I have no idea where said software is. Nor have I even bothered to look for it online. So there you have it. However, as you know April is a busy month for the N clan, so there are some important pictures to share with all y'all! So I actually got on my husband's laptop (risking his eternal wrath - I'm so brave) and am uploading all the new pictures as I type!

Briefest of brief updates:

  • M turned 3. I will no longer be typing out Bonesteele because 1) it takes a lot longer than typing M, and 2) Spellcheck doesn't recognize the word Bonesteele and seeing those angry red lines under my son's pseudonym is rather irritating. Ha ha
  • Mr N celebrated a birthday with root beer floats and spaghetti & meatballs (his request).
  • Mr N & I celebrated 9 beautiful years of marriage. heehee
  • Today is my birthday; I have reached the dubious milestone of 30. I'm fine with it - 30 sounds nicer than 29.
  • As of tomorrow, I am 24 weeks pregnant with baby #3, which is a GIRL!


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Wow, April IS a busy month for you. Happy birthday to you, M, and Mr. N, and happy anniversary too!