March 1, 2012

Recent Happenings

 Cuddles with Daddy

 Our little sweetie smiled beautifully on Valentine's Day in a quick photo snapped by Mr N.

Can you believe she will be seven months old in a few days???  I sure can't.  Baby C is developing her torso strength and can sit up unassisted for up to half a minute if she doesn't try to grab something.  Then she topples over.  She wasn't much of one for baby food.  The only thing I could get her to really eat was green beans.  Not that I tried much.  She pretty much skipped right to real food.  She enjoys cheese and bananas and especially loves bread.  Mr N gave her some strawberry smoothie the other day - wowee did she go for that!

 M caught his first frog and was SO happy!  

He is wearing his favorite shirt, which says "1 lucky dude."  He wears this regardless of the season.  It just happens to work at this time of year.

E & M have recently been learning a great deal about science.  E really likes dinosaurs and natural disasters so they both love to watch whatever shows they can find about those things on Netflix.  M also loves planets and space.  He loves to have me search Google Images for astronauts, the moon, spaceships, and various planets.  I took the kids to the non-fiction section of the kids' section of the library for the first time ever, and they were seriously acting like it was Christmas and they got everything they had ever dreamt of.  I showed them some Eyewitness books and they went crazy! We came home with a giant pile.  It was so fun.  They especially loved Dinosaur, Human Body, Ocean, Moon, Volcano & Earthquake, Weather, and Water.

 The kids like to help me cook.  E got a craft apron from Aunt Jeanie for Christmas.  M wears one of my aprons.  

"Bean trays" were a big hit here this week and kept the kids entertained for hours.  They created elaborate stories to accompany their play.  I saw this on the web somewhere.  Thanks, Internet!