June 3, 2012

Miss E's 6th Birthday Party

 Miss E's 6th birthday party was Saturday.  She requested a Hello Kitty cake.  I'm pretty proud of how it turned out!  It took a long time!  

Miss E had six friends attend.  They played Pin the Crown on the Princess and decorated visors with foam stickers.  There was also plenty of running around outside and jumping on the trampoline.  Everyone got a fairy wand or sword to take home depending on their gender.  Those were a big hit!

For Miss E's actual birthday we will of course be making the trek to Chuck E Cheese so the kids can win AWESOME prizes. Miss E has requested Little Caesar's pizza for dinner.  Haha

It is rather hard for Mr N & I to believe that our baby girl is turning 6.  She has done fabulously at school.  She has lots of friends and is progressing quite well at the 3 Rs.  She is already excited to start 1st grade in the fall.  Right now some of her favorite things to do are play pretend with her My Little Ponies, Barbies or paper dolls, play Hot Lava with her brother, and have friends over to play.  She likes to sleep in the small recliner we have in the girls' room instead of her bed.  She feels this keeps her hair silkier.  She likes to walk around on her tiptoes "to look taller."  She likes to be carried to bed by Mr N.  Miss E is a delightful girl!!!!!

Aunt T's Visit

Mr N's sister, or "Aunt T" as the children like to call her, came to visit over Memorial Day weekend.  It was great to see her!  The weather took a turn for the worse, but Aunt T did not mind a bit as it is already quite hot in Texas where she lives.

She & Mr N went fishing on Friday.  No salmon, but they did have fun reeling in some sturgeon.  Aunt T caught a 41" fish!!  Wowzers.

Saturday Mr N, Aunt T & the kids went to Silver Falls (Mrs N had a break).  The falls were lovely and Aunt T enjoyed the greenery.  Aunt T manned the camera, thus there is no photographic evidence that she visited Silver Falls!

"Why yes, I am a G."

"I'm pooped!"

Baby C mugs for the camera.

Monday saw us dragging Aunt T to Lowe's so we could get ceiling fans for all the bedrooms.  Fun!  Don't worry, we also squeezed in trips to Michaels & Craft Warehouse so Aunt T could get some cool beads for her jewelry making!  Come visit us again soon Aunt T!!