February 26, 2009

A Little Tribute to Kokopelli & Grandma

I often ask Miss E who is on her shirt, just because I like how she says "Okopelli."

February 19, 2009

Miss E Likes to Label Her World

Please note the strange dog collar she is wearing. She loves to wear that around when we go to shops.

Bonesteele on the Toy Pony

February 18, 2009

Bonesteele Crawling

This video is a few weeks old, when Bonesteele first learned to crawl. He wasn't very fast, so he spent a lot of time trying to catch Miss E while they both laughed delightedly. Now he is much faster and Miss E runs to me crying, "I'm scared of Bonesteele!" Am I supposed to take that seriously???

February 14, 2009

Mrs N Needs

Here's a funny little thing swiped from my friend Lisa - at the Google page, type in "(Your name) needs" and then list the first ten results.

1. Mrs N needs...to hire a Goon.
(Well, I'm sure one would come in handy.)

2. Mrs N needs...to be more careful with her voodoo.
(I'm seriously not making these up.)

3. Mrs N needs...help adjusting her body regularly, because sitting in one position makes her hips sore, but her body is too weak to move.

4. Mrs N needs...to reconsider her hurtful attitude.
(Duly noted.)

5. Mrs N needs...to regain custody of her son.

6. Mrs N needs...the following info for your demand to count.
(So cough it up.)

7. Mrs N needs...to create names for her imaginary friends.

8. Mrs N needs...musicians for her wedding.

9. Mrs N needs...to write another book SOON.

10. Mrs N needs...to take the invitations to speak out.
(Is that even English??)

February 13, 2009


Some of my gentle readers have commented on the amount of clothing usually seen on the children. Rather, the lack of clothing. I am here to show you that n@kedness is a common state in the N household.

Miss E often announces, "I wanna be n@ked!" Fortunately, this means still wearing a diaper. She actually hates to be diaper-less. She can get her pants off, but shirts are a struggle. Mr N likes to pull her shirt halfway off (i.e., up over her face, with her arms stuck inside) and then pretend to lose focus. Then she careens around blindly, shouting, "Take my shirt off! Hey! Hey!" as her cruel parents laugh. Things to look forward to, you childless readers. (Think back fondly, grandparents.)

Bonesteele is a messy eater. So after meals he is often found sans clothes as well. They both seem happier this way.

That pig oinks when you press its tummy. It's a big hit here. Thanks, dollar bin at T@rget!

February 3, 2009

Chatty Kathy

For a cute post about the illustrious Miss E, go here.
What a good helper!

Illness Strikes

Last week we were struck by a nasty little flu. Bonesteele contracted it first, and it lasted a few days in him. I thought perhaps it was just a little baby thing, but a day later the rest of us were all struck down. On the same day. That ought to be impossible. Luckily Mr N and I just felt miserable, but nothing actually occurred. This made tending to poor Miss E more manageable. She threw up several times. Miss E felt so ill (she is so sweetly pathetic while sick) that she fell asleep on the floor in this position, hours before her normal naptime:

Bonesteele felt fine - he crawled all around us, wondering why we were being such lazy slugs! Fortunately within two days we all felt better.