February 14, 2009

Mrs N Needs

Here's a funny little thing swiped from my friend Lisa - at the Google page, type in "(Your name) needs" and then list the first ten results.

1. Mrs N needs...to hire a Goon.
(Well, I'm sure one would come in handy.)

2. Mrs N needs...to be more careful with her voodoo.
(I'm seriously not making these up.)

3. Mrs N needs...help adjusting her body regularly, because sitting in one position makes her hips sore, but her body is too weak to move.

4. Mrs N needs...to reconsider her hurtful attitude.
(Duly noted.)

5. Mrs N needs...to regain custody of her son.

6. Mrs N needs...the following info for your demand to count.
(So cough it up.)

7. Mrs N needs...to create names for her imaginary friends.

8. Mrs N needs...musicians for her wedding.

9. Mrs N needs...to write another book SOON.

10. Mrs N needs...to take the invitations to speak out.
(Is that even English??)


Cassie said...

Here's my favorite from my own search: "Cassie needs...to get over Diddy." I know it's time. I just can't seem to let go of him.

Lisa said...

who are your imaginary friends?!