February 3, 2009

Illness Strikes

Last week we were struck by a nasty little flu. Bonesteele contracted it first, and it lasted a few days in him. I thought perhaps it was just a little baby thing, but a day later the rest of us were all struck down. On the same day. That ought to be impossible. Luckily Mr N and I just felt miserable, but nothing actually occurred. This made tending to poor Miss E more manageable. She threw up several times. Miss E felt so ill (she is so sweetly pathetic while sick) that she fell asleep on the floor in this position, hours before her normal naptime:

Bonesteele felt fine - he crawled all around us, wondering why we were being such lazy slugs! Fortunately within two days we all felt better.


Cassie said...

Oh, yuck. I'm so glad you're all feeling better now. Poor Miss E -- that picture is so cute, but she must have been miserable.

Tasha said...

wow I totally feel your pain! We just had the same thing happen, only Mellie threw up everyday for 6 days! A mothers work is never done!