July 5, 2009

It's Potty Time

Yes, we took the plunge here at Casa N. Miss E has been successfully using the potty for about 2 1/2 weeks now. I bought her some princess panties which were quite inspiring to her. From the very first day she has only had a few accidents. At first she wore a pull-up for naps and outings, and of course to bed, but now she just wears them at night! (For longer outings, we just bring the potty in the back of the car.) (And oh yes, emptying that sucker is a real joy!) I am delighted with her progress, and that she is going so well. She was really ready, *I* was the one who had to get ready, I guess. ha ha

She is having a bit of trouble going #2 in the potty. At first she would wait until naptime so she could just go in a pull-up, but now that she wears panties even at naptime, there has been some anxiety on her part. And some poop in the panties. But Mr N told her every time she goes poop in the potty he will give her some candy. I'm fine with that, because it seems to be working!

We are so proud of Miss E! She loves to decide which princess panties she will wear each day. (Each evening she protests when I tell her to put her panties in the dirty clothes. "But they're dry!" she says. I don't know quite how to articulate in 3-year-old terms the concept of daily underwear changes...)

"Mom! You Should Take a Picture of Me!"

When your child announces that, you don't hesitate. Goofiness captured forever:

...while Bonesteele watches delightedly...

You Can't Expect a Girl to Ride a Pony Bareback

What a Helper!

Miss E helped Bonesteele get some breakfast.

Which Bonesteele scooped up with a spatula. (He looooves that thing.)

Summer Fun

Building a Crib with Grandpa N

This picture was supposed to be last. I always forget how to order my pictures in Blogger. Anyway, I cannot be the only person who thinks this is hilarious.

Miss E loves her baby crib. Thanks Grandpa N!

Miss E Turns Three!

Miss E shows off her awesome loot: baby doll, color-changing ducks, and glow sticks!

Miss E's party was a raging success. (I hope I don't hear you complaining over there that Miss E's party was a month ago.) There was a brief but severe thunderstorm ten minutes before her party began. Luckily Mother Nature is our pal, the storm blew through and Miss E's friends E & V were able to attend. They all had a great time decorating crowns and eating cupcakes.

I believe Mr N's instruction to E was, "Smile!"

Here is V, Miss E's other guest, who knows how to pose for a camera!

Miss E in the act of crown decoration.

Bonesteele was happy to observe the proceedings once he had a delicious cupcake in hand.

With Mr N as cameraman. I think the actual birthday cake-candles thing is on the video camera somewhere...