July 5, 2009

Miss E Turns Three!

Miss E shows off her awesome loot: baby doll, color-changing ducks, and glow sticks!

Miss E's party was a raging success. (I hope I don't hear you complaining over there that Miss E's party was a month ago.) There was a brief but severe thunderstorm ten minutes before her party began. Luckily Mother Nature is our pal, the storm blew through and Miss E's friends E & V were able to attend. They all had a great time decorating crowns and eating cupcakes.

I believe Mr N's instruction to E was, "Smile!"

Here is V, Miss E's other guest, who knows how to pose for a camera!

Miss E in the act of crown decoration.

Bonesteele was happy to observe the proceedings once he had a delicious cupcake in hand.

With Mr N as cameraman. I think the actual birthday cake-candles thing is on the video camera somewhere...

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