July 15, 2008

Random Tidbits

Miss E knows the important words and phrases she needs to succeed in life: "Put me down now!", KitchenAid (she says this surprisingly well), "hups" (hiccups), "I need diaper change," and "Ask Daddy!" (I taught her that last one.)

* * *

Bonesteele has started outgrowing some 3-6 month clothes. Eek! He is not even 3 months old yet! I bought him some 6-9 month onesies today so he'll have something to wear in this heat. All the 6-9 month clothes I already had are warm clothes. Because I thought he'd be wearing them in October.

* * *

Mr N went back to work Monday. So long, paternity leave! :(

* * *

Mr N took Miss E to a U-Pick blueberry field on Saturday and they came home with buckets full of the luscious berries. I think berry season is the most marvelous time of the year. I made a blueberry betty yesterday (delicious topped with ice cream), and am going to make double-blueberry muffins tomorrow. Mostly though we have just been gorging on the blueberries!

Unfortunately due to a cool spring, the raspberry crop has been lousy, so we had to satisfy ourselves with a half-flat from the local produce shop.

* * *

Bonesteele is a happy, smiling baby. He is busy:
  • trying to roll over
  • almost laughing
  • sucking his hands whenever possible (making him wonderfully self-soothing)
Miss E is busy:
  • trying to feed Bonesteele grapes (!) when I turn my back for a second
  • taking care of her baby bear - feeding, diaper changing, putting it down for a nap
  • constantly asking, "What's that?" Her vocabulary is exploding.

1 comment:

Jeanie Nelson said...

Wow! Bonesteele is Almost 3 months! No longer newborn, is he? He looks fabulous. Jewell was a big baby, too (still is).

Thanks for the updates! Keep em coming.
(Oh, and I LOVE how Miss E is a "mommy" to her Teddy bear).