November 21, 2008

Bonesteele Closes His Eyes in Pictures Quite Often

Recent Bonesteele Pics

Recent Miss E Pics

Pictures with very short captions are all you're getting right now.

Miss E loooooves her Hello Kitty boots.

Miss E likes to use the stickers from my Lucky magazine as pretend bandaids. "You got an owie?" she asks me. "Oh, yes, I need some bandaids," I reply. She happily bandages me up. Then she announces, "I got an owie. I need a bandaid," and takes back all the bandaids.

The above photo showcases Miss E's bear, whom she named Emily.

Christams Card Rejects

November 12, 2008

Can YOU Do That?

I had to go drop a bunch of money on clothes for Bonesteele yesterday. Somehow he grew out of most of his pants in the space of one week. Since he goes through 2-3 outfits a day (very messy eater), it just doesn't work for him to only have 2 pairs of pants that fit. So I bought a few outfits in 12 months and a few in 18 months for later this winter.

Hopefully he is not wearing those 18-month clothes two weeks from now.

Mr N exclaimed pointedly, "That's more money than I've spent on clothing this entire year!"

I shot back, "Yeah, well, have you doubled your body weight in the past seven months?"

Thankfully the answer is no.

November 10, 2008

Bonesteele's a Ticklish Boy!

Oh The Rain It Has Be-gun

That title goes to a fake song I just made up. Sing it to a sad tune. Repeat until...April. Possibly May. Good old western Oregon. <--Gray. The color of the sky right now.

Bonesteele loves to balance on his stomach and wave his arms and legs around like a crazy kid. I think he has Abs of Steel by now.

And why yes, thanks for asking, he is wearing a Christmas romper. Note: this picture is a couple weeks old, and this romper is already too small for him. So it's a good thing I put him in it while I could!

Miss E thinks it is just the coolest thing ever to wear her parents' stuff around. Here she is in Mr N's cap and shades. Which are now missing, come to think of it...

I realized today that I really need an updated banner. Travis, pretty please? *Mrs N bats her eyes*

November 8, 2008

4 x 4 x 4

I was tagged by Kimber for the 4x4x4 meme: the fourth picture in the fourth folder. This picture shows Bonesteele and my mom on Halloween night. My mom came to visit while Mr N was gone hunting with his dad and brothers in eastern Oregon. Bonesteele was the cutest duck you have ever seen, I'm sure! I just wanted to eat him up all night. My mom's shirt (which she stole from my dad) says, "This shirt is my costume." I do love that my mom's eyes just happen to be closed in this pic! Heehee

Now I am supposed to tag 4 people. I tag Brittney, Mrs A, Tasha, & Jasmine. (I'm keepin' it in the family. Ha ha)