November 10, 2008

Oh The Rain It Has Be-gun

That title goes to a fake song I just made up. Sing it to a sad tune. Repeat until...April. Possibly May. Good old western Oregon. <--Gray. The color of the sky right now.

Bonesteele loves to balance on his stomach and wave his arms and legs around like a crazy kid. I think he has Abs of Steel by now.

And why yes, thanks for asking, he is wearing a Christmas romper. Note: this picture is a couple weeks old, and this romper is already too small for him. So it's a good thing I put him in it while I could!

Miss E thinks it is just the coolest thing ever to wear her parents' stuff around. Here she is in Mr N's cap and shades. Which are now missing, come to think of it...

I realized today that I really need an updated banner. Travis, pretty please? *Mrs N bats her eyes*

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Jenny said...

So cute...also, I don't have your email address to add you as a reader to my blog, so send it to me on Facebook, please. thanks!