November 12, 2008

Can YOU Do That?

I had to go drop a bunch of money on clothes for Bonesteele yesterday. Somehow he grew out of most of his pants in the space of one week. Since he goes through 2-3 outfits a day (very messy eater), it just doesn't work for him to only have 2 pairs of pants that fit. So I bought a few outfits in 12 months and a few in 18 months for later this winter.

Hopefully he is not wearing those 18-month clothes two weeks from now.

Mr N exclaimed pointedly, "That's more money than I've spent on clothing this entire year!"

I shot back, "Yeah, well, have you doubled your body weight in the past seven months?"

Thankfully the answer is no.


David and Kimber Strasser said...

My husband always comments on spending money on kid's clothes. I am glad to hear your husband has not doubled his weight, haha. Oh, I have had pretty good luck on craigslist with kid's clothes. I have bought a couple lots on there that have helped save a lot of money.

Cassie said...

I had to do the same thing for Andrew last week. Suddenly, he's in 12-month clothing. Seriously, when did he get so big? And when is he going to slow down with the growing?

Mr. N doubling his weight in 7 THAT would be something to see! LOL

Ironman said...

If I doubled my weight I would look like agent 86 in "Get Smart" before he lost all that weight:)