November 8, 2008

4 x 4 x 4

I was tagged by Kimber for the 4x4x4 meme: the fourth picture in the fourth folder. This picture shows Bonesteele and my mom on Halloween night. My mom came to visit while Mr N was gone hunting with his dad and brothers in eastern Oregon. Bonesteele was the cutest duck you have ever seen, I'm sure! I just wanted to eat him up all night. My mom's shirt (which she stole from my dad) says, "This shirt is my costume." I do love that my mom's eyes just happen to be closed in this pic! Heehee

Now I am supposed to tag 4 people. I tag Brittney, Mrs A, Tasha, & Jasmine. (I'm keepin' it in the family. Ha ha)

1 comment:

Jasmine said...

I wouldn't say that too loud. We know some who "keep it in the family" if you know what I mean! LOL!!!! HA HA HA!!!! :)