February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

I made chocolate-covered strawberries for Mr N. Miss E almost managed to snag one.

Miss E made a charming handprint art thing. And yes, the project was VERY messy.

Mr N got me some wonderful roses... (Please ignore my horrible arranging job.)

And some delicious cheesecake!


Travis said...

Happy Valentines day! I made a temporary layout for our blog for V-day. (I'm totally into this blog layout thing right now.) I also got Pride and Prejudice and watched it with my Mrs. N.

Mrs N said...

That is very impressive re Pride & Prejudice. Mr N got me that movie, but I don't think I could ever get him to watch it with me. :)

sandynelson said...

P & P is an amazing movie. I have watched it with Jeanie twice now. I'm normally not a fan of the chick flick but that movie has amazing cinematography and good character development.

(Of course those are just excuses so I can still feel manly while saying I like a Jane Austin chick flick.)