February 10, 2008

Update on Our Family

Baby E posing sweetly for Dh. He just got a fancy new camera and has been snapping pictures like crazy. This new camera takes much better pictures than our old one. And yes, Baby E has food on her face. She's 20 months old, we wouldn't want it any other way!

Baby E continues to be a very happy girl. She loves eating Cheerios for breakfast (she's quite good with a spoon), adds almost daily to her vocabulary (she knows at least 30-35 words), roughhousing with Daddy, reading stories to herself in toddler-speak, being read to by me or Dh, playing at her friends houses, going to Nursery, fruit snacks, coloring, her baby doll and teddy bears. But most of all she loves...

Bob the Builder! Whenever we open the entertainment center, she asks "Bob-o?" Whenever we turn on the computer, she asks "Bob-o?" She looooooves Bob the Builder so much. We have just one dvd; she and I have watched it about a million times. I think I have it entirely memorized. Ha ha She doesn't sit still for very long to watch it, so we seem to watch it in bits and pieces over each day. She also likes to visit the Bob website, because it plays the theme song.

Here is me 30 weeks pregnant. We are starting to get pretty excited to meet our little baby boy in about 10 weeks!

Right now we are all sick with a cold, so we don't feel so good in the N household! Hopefully we'll be able to start breathing again soon!

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Travis said...

Can we build it? Yes we can!