February 28, 2008

Mrs N Is On Her Own!

This morning Mr N and Miss E took off for eastern Oregon. Magical is getting married! And Jewell is getting blessed! Mr N and Miss E are the lucky kids who get to go have fun with the family. My back said, No you are not going on a 5-hour road trip, so I am here by myself and still trying to wrap my head around the fact that my family is gone for four days. Naturally I teared up when they left, especially since Miss E was adorably waving bye-bye to me as Mr N drove away. Don't worry about me, Mr N gave me gun instructions, namely, "Don't say anything to an intruder, just shoot them. There are 16 bullets in that gun. Use them all." I think that is beautiful proof of his love. Ha ha

Look for pictures of their weekend later!

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