May 9, 2012

Baby C - 9 Months

Baby C celebrated by learning to wave AND crawl on her exact 9 month birthday!  Today she crawled over to the laptop and was quite pleased with herself when she reached it.  Haha  M & I were cheering, but E was saying, "Oh no!" because she shares a room with C now, so that meant all the tiny toys E adores have to be tidied up all the time.  I am ruthless - I have let Baby C crumple up papers E left out but wanted to keep.

Here are some fun facts about Baby C:
  • She loves pretty much any food you put in front of her.
  • She likes baths (this would be the opposite of E & M who screamed bloody murder in baths).
  • She takes 2 naps a day.  8-10am, 1-2:30pm. Ish.
  • She goes to bed around 6pm and wakes around 6:30am.  If I am lucky.  Though a couple weeks ago she was sleeping regularly til 7am.  I'd like that back.  Don't suggest - I already tried keeping her up late, she woke up at 6:15am.  That trick doesn't work on my babies for some reason.
  • She thinks E & M are the coolest people ever.
  • She likes to be held by her momma.  I think she would be perfectly content for me to tote her around all day.
  • She loves peekaboo.  I think that is a universal truth of babies.
  • She has a funny grunty laugh sometimes - almost like she is laughing against her will.
  • Her siblings love to get right in her face and say something loud.  Sometimes she thinks this is funny and sometimes they knock her over because they are small children with undeveloped gross motor skills.  I believe I say, "Get out of C's face," 6,322 times a day.
  • She grins all the time.  She even grins at the children when they are crying and it makes them crazy.  This in turn makes me laugh, laugh, laugh.
  • She self-soothes with thumb sucking but only for like 2 seconds at a time.  When she's really upset her routine is: she'll cry, suck her thumb for 2 seconds, pull her thumb out, start to cry a few moments later, repeat.  We can't figure out why she doesn't just leave it in.  But anyway, she likes to have a binky around, but I think she just thinks it's funny.  She likes to play with it in bed.
  • She is the wiggliest baby ever.  She wiggles nonstop.  Even while nursing.  Constantly moving.  Thus a major nickname for her is Wiggle Worm.
Sorry for the high-pitched screaming in the video.  E thought that was funny.

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