April 24, 2012

M's 4th Birthday

M requested an airplane cake.  I did my best.  He did not care how it looked - he loved it!  So did all the kids at his party.  This was his first friend party.  Four of his friends from church came to celebrate.

Here are three of M's friends.  One was too busy crying in the other room waiting for his mom to come back.  Haha  

They ran around and played for a while in the backyard.  Then we had cake & ice cream.  Then more playing.  Then presents & goody bags and everyone went home happy.  (The crying boy was fine once his mom returned to hang out.) The party was just an hour and there were no organized games.  M is the oldest of his friends so I just didn't think the little ones would be up to it.  They were perfectly content to run around.

The theme was chosen by M - airplane cake, volcano & dinosaur centerpiece & plates, and colorful decorations.  My children can never stick to one thing for a theme - they love to have a bit of this and that.

There is some video too, of the actual birthday song, and blowing out the candles and that.  I'll post it when I get around to uploading it.  Which may be never.

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