December 3, 2008

MaNiC MoNdAy - Two-fer...on a Wednesday!

I'm behind on my manic Monday posts...but both pictures turned out to be weird (see below), so I'm posting a couple of the kids in addition.

This might be my favorite picture of Miss E and Bonesteele EVER.

The name edition...
First folder is the number of letters in your first name.....7
Sub-folder is the number of letters in your middle name....5
Posted pictures if the number of letters in your last name....6
The seventh folder would be my eBay folder, so you get a lovely picture of maternity jeans!
Nor did the Thanksgiving edition turn out so hot.

The first folder to select will be #17. This is how many letters there are in "Happy Thanksgiving."
The sub folder selection will be the total letters in the STATE where you celebrated thanksgiving....we were in Oregon, so my subfolder is 6.
My 17th folder happens to be my sample pictures...where I stick all the random clipart and pictures I download off the web.

So, yeah. Hopefully Monday's edition gives me a little better fodder. :D


Cassie said...

I absolutely LOVE the picture of the little ones sitting together! Adorable. And look at all the snow you got out there!

David and Kimber Strasser said...

That is funny about those manic monday pictures. Thanks for sharing the ones of the kids too.