December 24, 2008

Little Cutie

My little baby is 8 months old already. He has started going up on his hands and knees in the past couple of days, so crawling must be around the corner. Eek! Today I started the process of deswaddling - one arm out during nap time. Turns out Bonesteele loves being swaddled as much as Miss E did. I think she was 8 or 9 months before she slept without swaddling.

Bonesteele continues to be my little snuggler, lover, cuddler. And just like a boy, he is really into nursing. Ha ha He gives kisses liberally, and will smile at anyone. He lets anyone hold him.

Bonesteele is a big vegetable fan, which makes me happy. (Miss E was and continues to be a fruitaholic.) His favorites are peas and butternut squash. He also enjoys graham crackers, which are the only solid food I have been able to get him to eat.

1 comment:

Cassie said...

Look at the little teeth! He's so, so handsome. These baby boys and their eyelashes...I'm insanely jealous!