September 15, 2008

Shocking News

This just in! Two-year-olds HATE posing for the camera! It's shocking.

Okay, fine. The title was just a teaser to lure you in.

But here is photographic evidence:

The following picture captures how Mr N feels about the lack of enthusiasm Miss E displays for picture-taking. And is that the finger from little Bonesteele??

I just got my hair cut today! The stylist took off about 6 inches!

And here's the cutest little boy baby in the whole world!

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David and Kimber Strasser said...

Like the hair cut! I know what you mean about kids not eating much. I never know with my kids though cuz they tend to eat one big meal every 3 days or so, especially Kenzie right now. I remember asking the doctor with Eliana about it and he said this was totally normal and that is all they need really.