September 26, 2008

Linguistic Adventures with Miss E, Part II

Scene: Miss E is looking at a children's Old Testament book. Mrs N lounges on the floor nearby.

Miss E: That's a boy.

Mrs N: Yeah.

Miss E: That's a girl.

Mrs N: Yeah, Adam and Eve.

Miss E: Adam and Eve. They're nakey! (turns the page) Now they dressed! They friends?

Mrs N: Yes, they're friends. (Tries desperately not to laugh. Fails.)

* * *

Mrs N: Where's Bonesteele's binky?

Miss E: I don't know. It's hiding! (Looks around) How annoying.


Mrs. A said...

hehehe...she's cute :-)

Lisa said...

that's AWESOME! i would've laughed so hard too. how cute :)

Tasha said...

Isn't great when they start developing the vocabulary? It can stop you in your tracks sometimes!