June 6, 2008

Miss E Hits Two Years!

Wednesday was Miss E's second birthday. She spent most of the day fishing with Daddy at Detroit Lake.

When they got home, we had a little family party. There was a cake and presents!

Miss E is growing and developing at an astonishing rate. She seems to learn something new every day. Here are some insanity-producing things she has just started doing:
  • Shrieking randomly and loudly.
  • Taking off all of her clothes and her diaper in the morning in her crib. Luckily, no accidents yet. Sometimes we duct tape her diaper on. Oh yes, we do.
  • Whining until we pay attention to her.

Here are some adorable things she has just started doing:
  • Yesterday she nursed her baby doll, put it to sleep in the bassinet, and put it in her shopping cart. She told it to "sit down" in exactly the voice I use to ask her to sit down while shopping.
  • Last week we went shopping as a family. Dh manned Miss E while I browsed around with the baby. Miss E ran from rack to rack, pulling things off, holding them up to herself and announcing, "This is cute!" What can I say, she learned to shop from the best.
  • She finally started saying "I love you." The 'love' is hard for her to form, so she says the whole sentence very slowly: I...wuvvv...you. Picture my heart bursting into a million pieces.
We really love Miss E to an impossible degree. Happy birthday, Miss E!



jUsT WoNdErFuL!

The Strasssers said...

That picture of her blowing out her candle is just so adorable. I love it. oh, and don't you just love when they nurse their babies. Eliana used to be obsessed with doing that and in church she even lifted her dress way up to nurse a doll. We avoided bringing dolls to church after that.

Auntie T said...

Duct tape is a wonderful thing isn't it? Wonderful creative way to keep the diaper on. By the way totally a N trait to take all the clothes off. Apparently our mom couldn't keep our clothes on when we were young either.