June 27, 2008

Kids Update (Pictures Coming Later)

Miss E loves to sing. She will often request of me, "Sing!" Her favorites right now are:
  • If You're Happy and You Know It (which she calls "Happy and ya know" while stomping around clapping sporadically)
  • Mister Sun (She sings this by singing the word sun over and over)
She absorbs more than we realize. I read to her from her First Bible Stories book about David and Goliath. Naturally I acted it out - I hit myself in the forehead with my hand to illustrate David whacking Goliath with a rock. Two days later, I was changing the baby's diaper while Miss E read the book on the floor next to me. Suddenly I realized she had the book open to the David page and was whacking herself in the forehead!

Miss E is also experimenting quite successfully with forming her own sentences. "I drinking the water" as she drinks nasty water from a bucket in the backyard. Mr N tells her they will go for a walk later. She responds, "No, right now!"

Her super-keen hearing is handy. The baby sleeps in the closet (big, walk-in) at night because he likes it dark. I was doing dishes with the water running while Miss E ate breakfast. She looked up and announced, "Baby crying." Sure enough!

* * * * * * *

Bonesteele is getting impossibly chubby and cute! He loves to smile and coo. His main obsession in life right now is getting his fists into his mouth. As soon as he can coordinate it, he is definitely going to be a thumb-sucker.

He usually sleeps from 9 pm - 3 am, then from 3:45 - 7 or 8. His sleeping is still quite erratic though. My post-baby insomnia has returned (had it something awful after Miss E was born). This morning Bonesteele woke at 1 am, then 5 am. I never fell back asleep after that second waking. Finally decided to just get up and ride the exercise bike for a while. Might as well do something constructive if I'm not sleeping right? Hopefully by the time Bonesteele is about 4-5 months old I can get him sleeping through the entire night, so I can get some more sleep each night!

Somehow Bonesteele can sense when I have left and Mr N is in charge of the house. Then he promptly wakes up and cries until Mr N grudgingly agrees to cuddle him in the crook of his arm to nap. Then Bonesteele snuggles in for a snooze. Tricksy, no?

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