October 27, 2007

Baby E...Almost 17 months!

Baby E is not really a baby anymore. She is definitely a toddler. But I still call her Baby all the time. Eventually I suppose I will start calling her Miss E on this blog.

This is unfortunately one of Baby E's favorite things to do: play in the trash can. Sometimes I will glance in the trash, only to see it full of toys and a sippy cup! All covered in something gross, of course. Blech. Half the time I have to put the trash can up on the counter.

Baby E loves to sit on Daddy's lap and read the paper with him, it really makes her feel like a big girl. And Daddy is a good sport.

This is Baby E getting her first taste of apple pie! She liked it!

I knitted this hat for Baby E and I am quite proud of it! She consents to wear it for a few minutes at a time.

One of Baby E's favorite things to do that I encourage is playing in the backyard. She absolutely loves to wander around back there. She climbs up and down the step, sits on the step, points at birds, drops things in puddles, and falls in the wet grass. It's like Toddler Heaven in our backyard. In the above picture, Daddy helped her pick a small pumpkin and she was holding it on her lap.

Baby E adds to her vocabulary constantly. She has many words now including: Mama, baby, ball, pumpkin, balloon, arf arf (for dog), quack (for duck), book, more, bird, mouth, nose, and her favorite - NO! (Mama hears this one many times a day.....) Instead of saying anything like candle, she blows, like she's trying to blow it out, Daddy taught her that one. That's all I can think of off the top of my head.

She is altogether too clever. Once she somehow turned on Daddy's laptop. She likes to point to her different body parts so I will name them for her. She loves animals very much and giggles delightedly whenever she gets close to one. She no longer throws major tantrums when I dress her, but she does prefer to run around in just a shirt and a diaper. If she has to wear pants, she also likes to wear her little boots and her sweater. Maybe this is so she can go outside whenever??

She also enjoys getting into the cleaning products, rearranging the pots and pans, going on walks, playing with her friends V and E (my friend K's daughters), reading books, being chased by Daddy, being carried by Daddy, sitting on my lap while I read to her, and eating pancakes.
Baby E is great and I love spending time with her!

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