December 10, 2012

Long Overdue Update

I just realized it's been several months since I updated this blog.  Oops!  Time for a photo dump!  Here's the September highlight:

Mr N caught a fish bigger than Baby C!  She liked splashing it with water from the hose.

October Highlights:

Mr N caught another fish at the beginning of October.  Yay salmon!

The kids goofing around posing for pictures in some new pajamas.  

Miss E as Tinkerbell.

M as a ninja.

Baby C as a duckling.

 The night before Halloween Mr N & I went to a haunted house with our friends.  We dressed up because that is FUN.  That zombie's pretty creepy, huh.  I was a black widow and Mr N is a lumberjack.  Just in case you are especially obtuse and cannot tell.  :-)

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