August 9, 2010

Passing on Important Knowledge to the Next Generation

Last night I made a pot roast with baby carrots for dinner. I gave each child two carrots and informed them that if they wanted peach pie, they had to eat those carrots. Bonesteele flatly refused and went to bed without any peach pie touching his lips. Miss E really, really, really wanted peach pie but those two carrots were a terrible burden. She had only managed to eat half of one when I decided to impart some wisdom.

"Just pinch your nose and you'll be able to eat them without tasting them. I did it all the time when I was a kid."

She tried it out and announced delightedly: "It works Mom! I can't taste them!"

Sooo glad I could help.


Tasha said...

Haha! I taught Melody how to take a drink, then take a big bite and chew and swallow really fast. She does it nearly every night now, not sure if I should be happy or insulted :)

P&C said...

Sooo funny! Poor Boonesteele though :(

kanika said...

All taste is essentially smell. Try eating the yummiest noodles with you nose pinched, no tatse at all!