May 5, 2010

Snippets by E

Mrs N is reading a story to Miss E.

Miss E: There's coloring in this book.

Mrs N: Someone must have colored in it.

Miss E: That would be me.

* * *

Miss E jumps on Mr N's stomach.

Miss E: Hey Daddy, I don't wanna work, I just wanna bang on a drum all day! (beats on Mr N's stomach) It's your song, dad!

Bonesteele joins in banging on the drum all day and the children laugh delightedly.

* * *

(Out of nowhere) Miss E: Don't tell me, I'm a crackin' egg!

* * *

Miss E: What would we do without all the baby clonk-clonks?

(No idea what a baby clonk-clonk is.)

* * *

Miss E is upset because she had getting read to taken away as a consequence of naughty behavior. Mr N is getting her ready for bed.

Mr N: You're a good girl, Miss E.

Miss E: No I'm not.

Mr N: Yes, you are.

Miss E: I used to be, but that was ages ago.

Mr N: You're a good girl right now.

Miss E: I will be, once I'm not angry anymore.


Tasha said...

seriously your kids kill me! That last one was the best!

P&C said...

Ha-ha! I LOVE Miss E! So funny!