June 2, 2009

Bonesteele Claps, Then Refuses to Do Anything Else

Mr N & Miss E


In this video, Bonesteele is practicing standing. This is a couple weeks old, he is even better at it now.

Also note the monkey climbing up and down Mr N.

Tigress in Action

June 1, 2009

Miss E in the Spring

This picture shows the extreme high-waistedness which Miss E gladly endures in order to be like Tigress (see Kung Fu post, below).

This used to be a monkey pen with wacky hair but I took the pen part out for obvious reasons and Bonesteele pulled the hair off so now it is just a bald little monkey head on a stick. Which is now Miss E's magic wand and she runs around the house saying, "Bippity...boppity...boo!" because her actual magic wand with the sequins and ribbons is always lost.

Miss E is here teaching her pony how to pose nicely for a photo. Mr N and I could scarcely believe that trick worked on her.

A few years ago, Uncle Travis showed us this funny little cupcake singing, "You're my cuppycake, gooey gooey gumdrop, the apple of my eye" or something like that. I was singing that song randomly one day and suddenly Miss E ran out of the room. Then she reappeared holding this apple on her eye. The moral of the story is your children are ALWAYS listening to you.

Bonesteele in the Spring

Zoom these pictures at your own risk. Bonesteele usually has junk on his face. Lol

Oh and he is thisclose to walking.

Miss E Knows Awesome Kung Fu

Ever since Miss E watched (the non-scary parts of) Kung Fu Panda, she has run around our house proclaiming herself Tigress. She wears some "delightful" pajama pants, pulled very, very high. She poses with one arm in the air. For a while I could not understand the self-imposed wedgie and very particular posing. Some reflection led me to the realization that at one point in the movie, Tigress is in just a belt and blousy pants, and lands (after an improbable series of leaps) in the pose you see Miss E emulating.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, according to Miss E, Bonesteele is Mantis and Mr N is Panda.

Image credit: http://bluemarvine.blogspot.com/2009/05/kung-fu-panda-morphing-into-nickelodeon.html

Playing Nekkid in the Front Yard

This is the pose Daddy gets when he asks Miss E to smile for the camera.