June 1, 2009

Miss E in the Spring

This picture shows the extreme high-waistedness which Miss E gladly endures in order to be like Tigress (see Kung Fu post, below).

This used to be a monkey pen with wacky hair but I took the pen part out for obvious reasons and Bonesteele pulled the hair off so now it is just a bald little monkey head on a stick. Which is now Miss E's magic wand and she runs around the house saying, "Bippity...boppity...boo!" because her actual magic wand with the sequins and ribbons is always lost.

Miss E is here teaching her pony how to pose nicely for a photo. Mr N and I could scarcely believe that trick worked on her.

A few years ago, Uncle Travis showed us this funny little cupcake singing, "You're my cuppycake, gooey gooey gumdrop, the apple of my eye" or something like that. I was singing that song randomly one day and suddenly Miss E ran out of the room. Then she reappeared holding this apple on her eye. The moral of the story is your children are ALWAYS listening to you.

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Cassie said...

She's such a sweetie. I love the picture with the apple!