August 1, 2009

Update on the Kids (Photos Later)

Miss E is now an old hand at using the potty. She has graduated to the actual toilet, with a padded kids seat on top. #2 is a snap for her (often heard from Miss E: "That was a loud plop!"). I rented a Charlie & Lola dvd for her and now she is constantly telling me, "I am far too extremely busy," which sounds quite amusing coming from her little mouth. She doesn't tell me that when I want her to do anything, just randomly throughout the day, as an update to me on how she is doing.

The neighbors' cat ran in our house and made itself at home for hours today, to Miss E's delight. (Bonesteele just wanted to get into the bowl of tuna I set out for the cat.) She played with it, and pet it, and decided its name is Cutie Pie. It wouldn't answer to that name, though...

Bonesteele continues to walk around on his knees. If we hold his hand, he walks (sometimes). We keep catching him secretly walking around on his feet. Not sure what he's waiting for... He is quite effective at communicating his desires now, with the "grunt and point" system. It got him a stuffed animal from Mr N's coworkers yesterday! (A creepy blue goat with little yellow horns) Mr N has been rendered completely unable to eat candy in front of the children without Bonesteele starting up his emphatic grunts and pointing.

The big news is...the kids have discovered fighting! I knew it was only a matter of time before Bonesteele realized he is nearly as big as his sister. And he has. He grabs her clothes to try to make her move. He grabs her toys. Luckily hitting is not yet involved, though I know it will start up any day. Miss E & Bonesteele get in fights-to-the-death over coveted toys. There is something hypnotically funny about watching them both scream bloody murder as they wrestle for possession of the sparkley baton.

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Cassie said...

That last sentence just killed me. I imagine that a battle for the sparkley baton WOULD be hilarious to watch.