April 4, 2009

Linguistic Adventures with Miss E Part IV

Mr N is fixing Bonesteele's crib:
Miss E: Apparently he's having a hard time.
Mrs N: I think Daddy can do it. He's strong.
Miss E (doubtfully): I don't know...


Miss E: Lift me up on your shoulders!
Mrs N: Um, I'm not strong enough to do that. Maybe when Daddy gets home, he can do that.
Miss E: If I ask him pretty please.


Mr N walks in the front door and sees Miss E.
Mr N: Hi buddy!
Miss E: I not a buddy, I a girl!


Miss E: I'm hungry! I want Cheerios!
Mrs N: What if I make...pancakes!
Miss E gasps, then spins around in delight.
Miss E: You're the cute best of ever!


Mrs N puts a piece of pizza down in front of Miss E. It is 5 Italian cheese pizza (Freschetta Brick Oven). Miss E, who loves homemade pizza with just mozzarella, scrunches up her nose and announces "Too stinky!" Apparently Miss E is not an Italian cheese connoisseur. Ha ha


Cassie said...

Oh, how I adore that sweet little Miss E.

David and Kimber Strasser said...

Too funny. So much personality. Also found that true story gross. Oh, the joys of motherhood.

Anonymous said...

Ok Sweetie,
Uncle Scott and I don't know if we would admit this to the world it would definately be good blackmail material in the future.