October 3, 2008

Visit to the Pumpkin Patch!

The following pictures sum up our children's feelings upon our visit to the Pumpkin Patch:

Fear and tears.

Cheerful indifference.

It started as soon as Miss E realized there were animals at this pumpkin patch. She freaked out and had to be coaxed into the petting zoo area:

The cow was what really scared her. It mooed frequently and it scared her every time it did.

Bonesteele is looking over at the pigs. He was quite fascinated by their grunting and rooting.

"I no like it."

Not sure how I got her to smile in this picture!

Going to the pumpkin patch on Friday afternoon gives you an empty patch! We were literally the only ones there. It was a bit creepy.

Miss E was more interested in posing once she had a "baby pumpkin" to hold.

The above picture demonstrates what Bonesteele spent pretty much the entire visit doing: sucking on his fingers contentedly.

"Show me your teeth, Miss E!"

We'll see how she does next year!

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