March 19, 2008

Gleneden Beach

Last week we had the opportunity to go to Gleneden Beach for a couple days. We had a really fantastic time. I think it might have been the best mini-vacation we have ever had! We arrived Thursday night and tucked Miss E into bed. Our room had a fabulous ocean view! The ocean was very rough and the surf was so loud. Our suite was very nice - 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, with a fireplace, full kitchen, and of course that marvelous view.

Friday morning dawned blustery but sunny! (Those of you from the Northwest know what a miracle it is to have a sunny day in March.) Mr N made bacon, eggs & toast for breakfast. Yum-may. Then we headed out to the beach.

Miss E fears no elements. With her trusty sippy cup, she was ready for whatever came her way!

Miss E and I pause in our meanderings for a photo op.

We tested Miss E to see how far away she would get from us. The answer was pretty darn far! The beach was pretty much deserted, which had something to do with it. If lots of strangers are around, Miss E hangs closer to her parents. She didn't want to get very close to the ocean at all. (Previously, at Pacific City, she waded right in and got soaked.) I think that was because the ocean was so rough and loud at Gleneden that weekend.

Action shot!

Back at our room, Mr N and I settled into patio chairs to enjoy the view and the surf sounds. Miss E found a puddle nearby and splashed in it until her shoes, socks and pants were very muddy. Toddler heaven!

After Miss E's nap, we went to Tidal Raves for a late lunch. It's heavy on the seafood, so Mr N had a hard time finding something to eat. But my vegetable stir fry with salmon skewers was very good. Then we headed up to Lincoln City to go to the outlets, where we found some great deals on clothes for the kids.

Saturday morning Mr N had to leave inhumanly early for work, so Miss E and I checked out around 9. We picked up Mr N from the house back in town and went out to breakfast! Where Miss E ate only grapes!

We had such a great time together as a little family. We wanted to make this trip while we were still a family of three. We had such fun that we are hoping to squeeze one more mini-vacation in before Baby #2 arrives, but who knows if we'll be able. His due date is just one month away. So sometime in the next six weeks, our family will grow to four.

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mermaidjcd said...

michele - baby E is gorgeous like her momma....tried to call you earlier today had some wedding ?s'. Talk to you soon!! miss ya...Jill