November 30, 2011

Updates to the Kitchen

Our dishwasher has been dying a slow death for about a year now. We were planning to replace it with some tax refund money. About a week before Thanksgiving, our oven suddenly popped loudly. The stovetop worked, but the oven was completely out. The replacement part was nearly as costly as a new oven, so it was time to head to Lowe's. They were having a pre-Black Friday sale, and the prices were great, so we got an oven and a dishwasher! They are so pretty. And they both work. So, you know, yay!

Late November

(E is patting Baby's C's head, if you couldn't tell.)

E made potions in these sippy cups and was very proud of them. I like how E & M are posing so similarly (unplanned). I'm not really sure how she got her potions to be blue...perhaps I should look into that.

Baby C, 4 Months

Baby C will be four months old in a week! I find it hard to believe that just four months ago she was born; it feels like she has always been part of our family. We all adore her.

Baby C is such a happy, smiley baby. She smiles sweetly at all of us. Right now her favorite person is me, can't say I mind it! Honestly I am adoring her special smiles and how she follows me with her eyes wherever I go.

Baby C's likes:
  • Her big brother and sister
  • Mommy
  • Daddy
  • Being held as much as possible
  • Being swaddled tightly
  • Snuggling with Mama in bed whenever I'll let her

Baby C's dislikes:
  • Napping during the day for longer than 45 minutes (totally forgiven because she sleeps so well at night)
  • Not being held
  • Me taking more than 30 seconds to start nursing her

November 5, 2011

Learning from Daddy

Mr N: Who do you like more, me or your teacher?
E: My teacher.
Mr N: Why?
E: She teaches me things.
Mr N: I teach you things.
E: Dad, all you've ever taught me if how to shake my booty.

I figure anyone who reads this blog knows Mr N and what a goofball he is. He loves to tell the kids: "I need you to do something." He's done it so many times that they now just roll their eyes and say, "We already know - shake our booties." Then they all put their hands in the air and shake their booties. My family is nutz.

November 1, 2011

Some Recent Pictures

Here is Baby C wearing the dress I knit for her before she was born. It is extremely satisfying to see her wearing it. It doesn't hurt that she looks darn cute in it too!

Mr N asked me why I am including this picture. Because it is gross.

I found this suit coat for M at a local thrift store. He looks so dapper in it. I like this picture because you can see how much E & M love each other.

Baby C is a rough character. She has to defend herself against ruffians. It's quite shocking.

Here you see M watching the television instead of smiling at the camera as Mr N requested!

Halloween 2011

Halloween night - spiders

Church Trunk or Treat - pirates

I had different costumes for the kids, but M always wanted to be what E was, thus the haphazard nature of his attire in both photos. The last photo is of M wearing Mr N's sombrero. Mr N wore it to an adults-only Halloween party. Baby C didn't trick or treat. She went to the trunk or treat dressed as Santa's little helper (sorry no photo).