June 16, 2011


Guess who finally decided using the potty was not only doable, but awesome? M decided a couple days ago to stay dry all day (!) and use the toilet multiple times (!) and wear underwear all day!! So very happy about this. He tried things out two weeks ago, but apparently got discouraged after a couple of accidents. Two days ago he decided he was ready to try again and he is doing a great job. I am so happy and proud of him.

The pediatrician had recommended that we not even try anything this summer because he would probably regress after the baby arrives. I won't even care if that happens. He is guiding this and he seems pretty motivated to stay dry. I just ask him occasionally if he needs to go, but he seems to be quite aware of when he needs to use the toilet. He did wait until he was in his nighttime diaper to go #2, but eh, I don't care about that either!

With Miss E, she was probably ready 3-6 months before I was. With M, I was probably ready 6 months before he was! Ha ha I guess it's true that you just have to wait until they're ready, because this is really pain free so far.