May 25, 2011

6 Months Down, 3 To Go!

Miss E is on antibiotics for the first time in her life. She has an infected eyelash follicle which had swelled up quite dramatically. However, after just one day of eye ointment and oral antibiotics it's already improving. She HATES getting the ointment in her eye (understandable, especially since it blurs her vision for a good ten minutes afterward), so we are totally bribing her. Or using the reward system, whichever you prefer. I'm comfortable with the term "bribing." She will get this doll once the medicine is done and her "bump" (as we all call it) is gone.

Her last day of preschool was today, we had a little party. As in, everyone brought food and the kids played the whole time. It was a preschool co-op, twice a week, and I taught one week a month. It was great for Miss E, I think it helped with her socialization skills and increased her interest in learning the alphabet, but I don't think I'll ever do it again. Teaching preschool is not my thing. M can't go to preschool this fall since he's not pottytrained yet, so I'm thinking I'll just save some money from next year's tax refund so I can put him in an official preschool in Fall 2012.

M has reached the defiant threes. My mom always said age three was worse than age two, and after two children hitting those ages & stages, I agree. M is figuring out the boundaries and whether I really mean it when I say, "Go to your room NOW!" (Hint: I do.) He also gave up naps completely though it means we now have to be really prompt about putting him to bed on time. Otherwise he has a meltdown at bedtime.

Baby #3 is so active we call her Ninja Baby. The kids like to talk to her but they don't seem interested in feeling her kick around. M was going through a phase where he wanted to be a baby and was baby talking a lot, but that's faded away. Now he insists that he is a little boy and he wants to sleep in the bunk bed with Miss E. (We've tried it a couple of times but it hasn't worked yet. They just giggle and play for an hour and then start fighting and we put them back in their own beds.) We're not looking forward to the exhaustion, but I'm getting really excited to meet Baby #3!