June 30, 2010

This is What Miss E Does During Quiet Time

You can't tell, but she is wearing every pair of panties and every sock she owns.

Kayaking Fun

Patrick and Carli came out for a weekend visit, and the men decided to go kayaking. They had fuuuuuun! And they saw bald eagles.

L to R: Kirk, Mr N, Patrick.

Bonesteele's Birthday Pics

I made Bonesteele's cake from scratch and decorated it like one of his current obsessions.

For Bonesteele's birthday, as he was turning 2, we decided to have an intimate family party.

This was Bonesteele's expression the entire time we sang to him: utter amazement.

Blowing out the candles.

Belle very nicely agreed to attend the party.

Bonesteele attempting to shove an enormous piece of cake into his mouth.

Fingers assist in getting every last bit in!

Belle felt the full effects of all that icing.

Bonesteele got some little trucks from his paternal grandparents (technically left from Christmas that he never opened then!) and some Toy Story gear from his maternal grandparents. My friend and her children gave him a soccer ball-shaped basket (which Miss E promptly took control of). It's escaping my mind at the moment what Mr N & I gave him! But I'm sure he loved it. Ha ha

Wow this recap is really late. Oops.

June 8, 2010

Bonesteele Sings Happy Birthday

This video was taken on Miss E's birthday.

Mr N's Birthday

Miss E's New 'Do

She can't decide if she loves it or hates it. Depends on the day. Her parents love it. She looks like a big kid!

It's Still Snowy in the Mountains

Bonesteele didn't last too long. He fell in the snow and wanted to get back in the car.

Miss E didn't want him to miss eating snow, though!

Miss E loooooves the snow!

This is What the Kids Do With Chapstick