July 8, 2007

Mr N's Motorcycle Trip

To learn all about Mr N's cool motorcycle trip, go here!

Trip to Utah

Baby E and I went to Utah last week. My parents and siblings all converged on Midway. We make quite a crowd now! Some parts of the trip were very fun - hanging out with my family, I got to see my friend L (first time in 5 years!), swimming in an actual crater (very cool).

Alas, I have finally realized that Baby E does not Travel Well. She was so clingy all week and wanted to be on my lap all the time. She cried (hard) if I got more than two feet away from her. This added up to not so much fun for either of us. So, dear family, be warned that we will be severely limiting our travels until Baby E outgrows this phase. (Do not tell me she will not outgrow this phase. I am not interested in that prospect! Ha ha)

Highlights from the trip:

My crazy uncle G telling L: You know what you get when you live in one of those communes? (L shakes her head.) You get AIDS.

Us "older kids" wandering the resort peering into craters in the middle of the night.

My sister E asking if someone had multiple scoliosis.

Laughing so hard before family prayer our abs hurt the next day!