May 22, 2010

Mega Blocks


Uncle Travis, Aunt J & cousin Jewell joined us for Easter. Miss E is old enough to understand an Easter egg hunt, so it was really fun to watch her.

Miss E was soooo excited to look for Easter eggs, we could barely contain her in the entryway until Jewell & Bonesteele were ready to join in.

Bonesteele helping himself to some of Miss E's candy.

My cake disaster - the icing hardened into a rock so we had to hack at it to access the cake underneath.

Kirk & Brittney joined us for Easter dinner. Kirk is a good sport and kept Miss E quite entertained.


May 13, 2010

Tulip Farm

Mr N took the kids to the Tulip Farm. I didn't go because my allergies are pretty bad this year. We didn't know it, but Miss E was getting sick. You can really tell in the photos; she looks miserable, poor thing!

Bonesteele felt great though!

Mr N managed to coax a smile from Miss E.

(Poor baby.)

"Stop telling me to smile, Daddy!"

Mr N says Bonesteele went up to this thing and looked out of it for five minutes. Which in two-year-old time is approximately three years.

Playing at the Beach

While I went shopping at the outlets with Grandma, Mr N headed to the beach with the kids and Grandpa. Looks like they had fun!

Oregon Coast Aquarium

For some reason, we didn't take any pictures throughout most of the aquarium, just at the very end, at Passages of the Deep (which is in fact the coolest part). You walk through tunnels that are surrounded by water and fish and sharks! Even the floor has see-through sections.

At first Bonesteele would not even step on the see-through floor sections, but then he got into it and laid right down for a better view.

Watch out Grandma! There are two sharks right behind your head!

Also in this shot are C, Emma & Mya.

Hatfield Marine Center

The Hatfield Marine Center is full of cool things to see and do. Above is a tidepool full of anemones that you can touch.

We went with Mr N's brother J & his wife C and their kids Molly Emma & Mya.


From L to R: Molly, Emma, Mya, Miss E, Bonesteele.

Playing hide-and-seek.

Bonesteele can say all the most important words, like "turtle."